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Hello!  I've enjoyed studying,
making, & performing magic tricks and illusions since I was a young boy.  My first performance was at the age of 10, in front of about 200 people.  Nearly everything in
that performance was homemade.  I went to the library, studied a book, and started making tricks.  I still make many of the tricks and illusions I currently use today, along with using commercial props, books, and supplies.
I love to have a great time and share good, clean fun, laughter, and mystery with others. As a member of "the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, I design my programs for children and adults alike, whether in a gospel performance or in a secular program. I've performed in various countries, as well as multiple states in the US. If you are looking for a unique program, consider
"Helmdini Magic" for your special event.
Dean Helm
Everybody needs a little laughter!
I have served as the Vice-President and President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians
about us ...
* Wedding rehearsals & receptions
* Church/Gospel programs
* Christmas parties
* Program emcee
* Daycare programs
* Senior citizen gatherings
* Neighborhood parties
* Birthday parties